The Teledyne ISCO LaserFlow® Non-contact Velocity Sensor

The Teledyne ISCO LaserFlow velocity sensor remotely measures flow in open channels with non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and non-contact Ultrasonic Level technology. The sensor uses advanced technology to measure velocity with a laser beam at single or multiple points below the surface of the wastewater stream.

The sensor uses an ultrasonic level sensor to measure the level and determines a sub-surface point to measure velocity. The sensor then focuses its laser beam at this point and measures the frequency shift of the returned light.

During submerged conditions, flow measurement continues without interruption with optional continuous wave Doppler Ultrasonic Area Velocity technology.

With its specially designed mounting bracket in place, the LaserFlow can be deployed and removed from street level. This avoids the risk and expense of confined space entry. A variety of communication options enable programming and data retrieval from a remote location. Information about data quality can be recorded and transmitted with the flow data.

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Orange Research Pressure & Flow Instrument Catalog

Orange Research is a leading manufacturer of rugged and reliable differential pressure gauges and flow meters. They manufacture a wide line of standard models and invite custom applications. 

Orange Research Products include:

  • Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Differential Pressure Transmitters 
  • Differential Pressure Switches
  • Flow Meters
  • Fixed Set-Point Flow Switches
  • Flow Transmitters


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ControlAir Precision Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatic Control Product Catalog


ControlAir is a leading manufacturer of precision air pressure regulators, I/P transducers, E/P transducers, P/I transducers, valve positioners, air relays, volume boosters, air filter regulators and frictionless diaphragm air cylinders.

ControlAir Precision Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatic Control Product Catalog Includes:

  • Current-to-Pressure (I/P) Transducers
  • Voltage-to-Pressure (E/P) Transducers
  • Pressure-to-Current (P/I) Transducers
  • Precision Air Pressure Regulators
  • Valve Positioners
  • Filter Regulators
  • Gas Pressure Regulators
  • Volume Boosters
  • Snap Acting Relays & Bias Relays
  • Motorized Regulators
  • Liquid Level Systems
  • Friction-free Diaphragm Air Cylinders

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