The Teledyne ISCO 5800 Refrigerated Sequential/Composite Sampler

Teledyne ISCO 5800The 5800 Refrigerated Sampler is an automated wastewater sampler that can collect liquid samples from a variety of sources including open channels, sewers, and storm pipe conduits.

This indoor/outdoor use sampler is made of durable UV-resistant plastic that provides exceptional resistance to corrosion and weathering. Most notably, the refrigerator body is made from rotationally molded linear low-density polyethylene. This unique construction material was selected for its strength, durability, and its ability to withstand temperature extremes. The system is rated for –29 to 49 °C (–20 to 120 °F) operation. The hollow cavities are filled with foam insulation. To protect the non-CFC system, all refrigeration parts are powder coated with heat-treated polyester.

Unattended sample collection events can be triggered by time intervals (time pacing), or by flow volume measured by an external flow measurement device (flow pacing or constant volume variable time). Isco flow meters are compatible flow measurement devices, as well as any device that can provide a 5 to 15 VDC pulse or contact closure of at least 25 mS duration, or a linear 4-20 mA current loop signal. An external device can also disable the sampler until measured site conditions are met, at which time the sampler begins the automated collection.


The sampler’s pump can deliver the liquid through a 9 mm (3/8") suction line at transport velocities of at least 0.9 meters per second (3.0 ft/sec) at 0.9 m (3.0 ft) of head. The transport velocity at 7.6 m (25 ft) of head is 0.67 m/sec (2.2 ft/sec). The maximum lifting height of the sampler is 8 m (28 ft). To produce accurate and repeatable samples, the pump uses a pump revolution counter and non-contacting liquid detector.

The collected samples are stored inside the refrigerated compartment and cooled for sample preservation. Samples can be deposited into a single bottle (composite), or collected as discrete samples, each into a separate bottle of a multi-bottle rack (sequential), or a combination of these modes. The cooled samples are maintained until an operator can remove them from the sampler and deliver them to the laboratory.

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