Calibration Procedure for the ControlAir Type 500 Electro-Pneumatic I/P Transducer

In this video you will learn how to calibrate a ControlAir Type 500 I/P transducer.

The ControlAir Type 500X converts a current or voltage input signal to a linearly proportional pneumatic output pressure. This versatile instrument provides a high degree of reliability and repeatability at an economical cost.

The Type 500X is available in two different versions. The lower range model is for standard process control applications, which typically utilize a 3 to 15 PSIG (0.2 to 1 bar) output. The extended range unit provides up to 145 PSIG (10 bar) output for higher pressure industrial pneumatic and process control system requirements.

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Diaphragm Seals Thermal Error Calculations

Diaphragm Seals Thermal Error Calculations

Measuring errors based on ambient conditions and the diaphragm seals' fill physical properties cause temperature-related errors when connected to pressure, absolute pressure, or level transmitters.

Three major factors contribute to thermal error:

  • Type of fill fluid used
  • Fill fluid volume
  • Diaphragm flexibility
The choice of fill fluid contributes directly to thermal  errors in proportion to the coefficient of thermal expansion of the  fluid. The resulting internal pressures produce adverse forces on the diaphragm which in turn are reflected in the pressure instrument.

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