Weir Boxes

Weir Boxes

Water management systems depend on different factors, but an accurate measurement is a priority. Depending on the type of water management system you run, there are many flow measurement tools at your disposal. 

However, the cheapest and most effective is the open channel system and weir boxes are the durable and precise measuring tools that allow your operation to gauge the channel flow in the easiest way possible.

First, what is a Weir Box and how does it work? Weirs direct open channel flow for measurement purposes. A Weir Box usually contains a Weir plate with a 'V' notch that allows you to take accurate flow sample measurements. Installing a Weir Box in your open channel flow system allows you to achieve the desired results with ease. The most significant advantages of weir boxes are: 

  1. Their design is simple and easy to use, allowing for precise measurements. 
  2. They are adept at low flow operations. 

Indicators of a need for a Weir Box depend on the setup and conditions of your operation. Weirs may not be the best choice for closed channel flows or those with high water volumes. Open channel low flow systems, however, require Weirs for consistent and accurate measurement. Another consideration is durability. 

Weir flow measurement devices are rugged and inexpensive, making them the right choice for harsh environment operations. All that matters when selecting a Weir Box is whether you want a reliable, accurate measuring tool. If so, Weir Boxes are right for you. 

Weir Boxes come in many materials. Fiberglass is a good material for weir boxes because it is strong and durable, and resistant to the elements. Choosing a fiberglass weir box means getting a tool that will serve your operation reliably. 

A flow meter or a Weir Box are the best ways to measure open channels. Weir Boxes offer the measurements needed to control the water system efficiently. 

To install a Weir Box on your water management system, you need to find a  company that fits that bill perfectly. TRACOM offers every kind of water management products you need. Contact Advance Instruments to get more information about TRACOM products.

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