When a Variable-Area Flow Meter is Not a Rotameter

Variable-Area Flow Meter
Orange Research Variable-Area Flow Meters

Designed to overcome the inherent shortcomings of rotameters, Orange Research variable area flowmeters provide an excellent alternative for those applications where rotameters fall short. While rotameters are elegantly simple and perform well in most cases, users do complain they are difficult to read (particularly with dirty or opaque fluids), their pressure ratings are too low, and their mounting options are restrictive.

Orange Research high pressure variable area flowmeters are designed to overcome these drawbacks. First, they offer large, highly visible dials with bold markings and characters that are easy to read from a distance. Second, they are constructed from metal bar stock, making them suitable for high line pressures. Finally, Orange Research variable area flowmeters are not position sensitive, and therefore can be mounted without concern of orientation.

Like rotameters, these variable area flowmeters are mounted directly in the flow stream, but with bodies machined from solid blocks of metal, they handle high-pressure applications of up to 5000 PSI, as opposed to approximately 150 PSI for rotameters. This makes their use a natural for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Designed for medium-to-high flow applications, they use a movable Delrin cone flowmeter sensor resting in a precision orifice. Changes in fluid flow cause the sensor to move against a stainless steel spring while the flow rate is indicated on an easy-to-read dial face.

Flowmeters with bodies (and wetted parts) of aluminum, stainless steel or brass are available in sizes from 2.5 inch to 4.5 inch. They can be supplied with variety of reed switches, relays and transmitters. For example:
  • SPST switches are offered normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.). 
  • SPDT reed switches also are available. 
  • DPDT relays are offered for high inductance applications, such as those incorporating motors or solenoids. 
  • Transmitters offer a current or voltage output.
For liquids our high flow flow meters are calibrated to customer-specified specific gravity and viscosity of the fluid to be measured (up to 150 CS). Otherwise, standard calibration is on water at 70° F. For oil service, high pressure flow meters are calibrated using oil (specific gravity 0.86 CS at 74° F). Special calibration is available to meet customers' specific gravity and viscosity requirements using selected fluids and a conversion procedure. Standard calibration is for horizontal mounting; vertical is offered at no charge.

For more information about Orange Research variable area flowmeters, contact Advance Instruments. Call them at (888) 388-6446 or visit their web site at https://advanceinstruments.com.

Celebrating Those Who Serve and Protect Our Freedom

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day of observance and celebration for those who have served in the United States military. Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day because of the November 11 Armistice that ended World War I. In 1954 it was officially changed to Veterans Day to include Veterans of all wars. This holiday honors those who took an oath to defend the United States and our Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Through the observance of Veterans Day, we remind ourselves of our Veterans patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

Advance Instruments thanks our Veterans, past and present, for serving our country and protecting our freedom.

Fuji Electric Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Model FSC

Fuji Electric Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Model FSCThe Fuji Electric FSC portable type ultrasonic flowmeter consists of a compact and lightweight flow transmitter and a clamp-on detector. With the latest electronics and the digital signal processing technology, it delivers precise measurement while allowing easy operation.


Compact and lightweight

The adoption of the latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies has reduced the size and weight of the flow transmitter by 30% and 30%, respectively, in comparison with the Fuji conventional portable flowmeter (Model FSC). (in comparison to our existing model)

Battery operation

The flowmeter is designed for 12 hours of continuous operation via built-in battery which is recharge- able in 3 hours with the exclusive power adapter.

Full variety of detectors

The flowmeter is suitable for various types of detec- tors applicable for small to large diameter pipe (pipe inner diameter ø13 to ø6000mm) and low to high temperature (−40 to +200°C).

High accuracy and high-speed response

The flowmeter is designed for high accuracy (±1.0%).
Response time is within 1 second.

Improved anti-bubble characteristic

Anti-bubble characteristic is greatly improved by
digital signal processing.

Excellent performance and easy operation

Large graphic LCD that is outside but easy to read. Minimum number of function keys are used for page selection, allowing easy setting.
While battery is working, the flowmeter is water resistant and tolerates exposure to rain.

Large capacity storage by SD memory card

Measured data is periodically stored in SD memory card. For example, in the case of 512MB (option), it can be saved about 2 year measurement date(In case of saving period 30 seconds, 14 kinds of saved data). Available up to 8MB.

Serial communication

Use of a USB port allows easy connection to a per- sonal computer. Measured date collection panel and Loader software for PC (standard) which is available for display and change of parameter (site setting) are prepared.

Heat quantity (calorie) measurement

Heat quantity (calorie) may be measured by temperature input, making energy management easy for cooling and heating.

For more information, contact Advance Instruments by calling (888) 388-6446 or visit their web site at https://advanceinstruments.com.

Remote Temperature Monitoring for the Protection of Pharmaceuticals

Protection of PharmaceuticalsWhen you are responsible for keeping pharmaceuticals and vaccines cold, disaster is always looming, particularly when you're off premises. A refrigerator full of vaccines worth thousands of dollars can be ruined if the exact temperature is not maintained while in storage. Furthermore, there's even greater risk from compromised outcomes due to inactive vaccines or “bad” pharmaceuticals.

SENSAPHONE, a manufacturer of innovative remote environmental monitoring systems located in Aston, PA has authored a good eBook outlining ways you can use remote monitoring to protect pharmaceuticals. The table of contents are:
  • Cold chain: What is it, and why is it critical?
  • Potential consequences for pharmacies and vaccine providers 
  • Recommendations for storing pharmaceutical products
  • Overview of medical-grade refrigerators and freezers
  • Temperature sensors, probes and buffers
  • Data logging vs. continuous temperature recording
  • Calibration recommendations
You can download the eBook from this Advance Instruments web page. For more information about SENSAPHONE products, contact Advance Instruments by calling (888) 388-6446 of visit https://advanceinstruments.com

NOSHOK Needle and Manifold Valves

NOSHOK's patented needle and manifold valves provide an innovative design, featuring a unique body-to-bonnet, metal-to-metal seal that significantly increases the pressure range of the valve without compromising the flow coefficient. The design also assists in maintaining the integrity of the bonnet threads by segregating them from the process media.

Built for maximum durability and performance in the toughest applications, NOSHOK valves are available with Zinc-Nickel plating, which provides one of the highest levels of corrosion resistance available. Additionally, all NOSHOK valves are 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and reliability.

Valve models incorporating this patented design include the 100 Series hard seat mini valves, 800/850 Series bleed valves, all 2-valve block and bleed valves along with 5-valve manifolds.

For more information on all NOSHOK products, contact Advance Instruments by calling  (888) 388-6446 or by visiting https://advanceinstruments.com.

The Teledyne ISCO Signature® Flowmeter

Teledyne ISCO Signature® Flowmeter
The Signature® flowmeter by Teledyne ISCO was created for open channel flow monitoring software.   The meter may compute flow using regular open channel level-to-flow and area velocity conversions, as well as user-defined equations, amount to area info points, or level to stream information points, depending on the application demand.

The Signature® flowmeter has unique features to verify data integrity.  It logs key events like changes in calibration and electricity outages to validate data accuracy.  Data are readily assessed to detect any kind of information alteration.  With multiple intelligent port options and multi-parameter logging (such as pH), the Signature flowmeter gives a common platform for control activity, reporting, and communicating.

Multiple flow technologies are available so that you are able to select the best flow technologies for the measurement site and channel requirements.  Accessible technology are: bubbler, ultrasonic, constant tide area velocity, and non-contacting LaserFlow™ velocity.

Standard Signature® Flowmeter Features
Teledyne ISCO Signature® Diagram
Click for larger view.

  • Multiple simultaneous flow technologies
  • SDI-12 input
  • RS-485 Modbus input
  • RS-485 Modbus output
  • Rain gauge input
  • Multiple parameter data logging
  • Program and Summary Reports
  • Data integrity verification
  • Triggering, sampler enabling
  • Compatibility with Flowlink® software
Applications for Signature® Flowmeter
  • Industrial Pretreatment Compliance
  • Shallow Flow Measurement in Large and Small Pipes
  • Permit Enforcement
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Outfall

For more information on the Teledyne ISCO Signature® Flowmeter, contact Advance Instruments by calling (888) 388-6446 or visit their web site at https://advanceinstruments.com.

Process Gas Analyzers by Fuji Electric

FUJI developed the first infrared gas analyzer to use mass-flow sensors. Since then, Fuji has supplied customers with a wide varity of gas analyzers to support environmental preservation and control efforts. These efforts include measurements of atmospheric pollution and detection of low density of SOx and NOx, generated by incinerating facilities and boilers. FUJI's gas analyzers are widely used to monitor the atmosphere to help maintain a cleaner natural environment.


  • NDIR
  • Laser
  • Zirconia
  • Paramagnetic
  • Thermal Conductivity

For more information, contact Advance Instruments by calling (888) 388-6446 or visit their web site at https://advanceinstruments.com.

When a Variable-Area Flow Meter is Not a Rotameter

Orange Research  Variable-Area Flow Meters Designed to overcome the inherent shortcomings of rotameters, Orange Research variable area...