Fuji Electric’s Spool Piece Ultrasonic Flowmeter (FST)

Flow rate inside a pipe is not uniform. A way to correct for this phenomena so that measurement can be accurately obtained is with the use of multiple internal flow sensors. 

By using three sets of sensors, at three parallel paths to each other, the Fuji Electric FST flowmeter can sense both the flow rate at the center of the pipe and the flow rate near the pipe wall. Advanced electronics in the flowmeter housing then averages the flow rates based on Fuji's algorithm to achieve the accuracy of ±0.2% of rate. The Fuji FST delivers accurate measurement regardless of the point of measurement, without being affected by the change in the flow velocity profile.

Reduction of water used in plant utilities - Visual depiction of a facility’s water use results in more effective management of water consumption.

Flow monitoring in filtration equipment - Real-time visualization of the filtration capacity allows for the optimization of flow rates, while reductions in pressure loss result in energy savings.

Motor load reduction - Reductions in power consumption are achieved by using an inverter only, instead of a combination of motorized valve and controller to control flow rate.

Flow measurement on two pipes - Optimal ratio of flow control for both pipes.

Liquid level control in tanks - Monitoring the flow rate at inlet and at outlet enables you to manage the liquid level in a tank.

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