Simplified SSO and CSO Event Recording with Volume Lost and Datalogging

SSO and CSO Event
Sanitary sewer overflows cause environmental damage.
Sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) are releases into the environment of untreated sewage. It occurs when raw or partially treated sewage from a sanitary sewer collection system is overflowed, spilled or released before it reaches the sewage treatment plant. This kind of release frequently contaminates the waters of our nation, degrades water quality and exposes human beings to viruses and other disease-causing pathogens. Combined sewer overflows (CSOs) include untreated or partially treated human and industrial waste, toxic materials and debris as well as stormwater.

Urban development generates an increased volume and frequency of sanitary sewer overflow and damages the environment by allowing the propagation of contaminants and pathogens. To correct these problems, we must first understand the magnitude of these events in order to provide the proper resource is depending on the severity of each situation.

Maid Labs FlowMaid
To do so, Municipality's must record these occurrences, their duration and the amount of waste water that is discharged or lost. Governmental authorities a requiring more information on this topic of CSO and SSOs, but municipal resources are getting smaller.

Maid Labs, a manufacturer of innovative and high quality flow meter products, has instrumentation that simplifies the measurement and recording of CSO or SSO volume loss. These Maid Labs products offer treatment facilities extremely simple operation and data logging. Precious time is not wasted learning complex software, converting data or creating reports.

The Maid Labs FlowMaid level monitor, open channel flowmeter and data logger generates the
required reports directly on the USB drive in and Excel compatible format. The FlowMade records the CSO or SSO volume loss into reports using one of the many industry standard full algorithms incorporated by Maid Labs engineers.

The FlowMaid can send its data via Internet to a Web application called MadeMaps, which displays the level in real time, and alarms the municipality when the level becomes critical. Maid Lab products, with their simple setup, insulation and usage, are the number one choice for municipal water meter technology.

The FlowMaid is a small monitoring device used to record level, flow, volume and discrete events. It calculates the volume lost in a SSO event using the Manning equation. As an open channel flow meter, the user can select from 11 flow formulas. The only requirement is to enter the level of the overflow pipe, its diameter, material and angle. Years of data can be recorded before filling its memory. Every event shows start and end time, duration, average flow and volume lost.

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