IIoT Data Acquisition System for the Water and Wastewater Industries

Teledyne ISCO accQlink
IIoT (Industrial Internet-Of-Things), a network of connected devices, enables systems to collect, track, disseminate, and analyze valuable new insights. An amalgamation of various technologies such as big data, machine learning, automation, and sensor data, industrial IoT (IIoT) enables a connected enterprise by combing the information and operational department of the industry.

The Teledyne ISCO accQlink is an IIoT system for the Water and Wastewater Industries. It provides a modular and flexible remote data acquisition solution.

The accQlink can accept inputs from sensors that have RS232, RS485, SDI-12, Analog, and/or Contact output. The accQlink is a robust device that autonomously operates in the field using battery, solar, or permanent power sources. It collects data from different types of sensors, transmits securely, and stores the cloud server and/or customer server. Data can also be integrated into SCADA system, modeling software, business intelligence platform, ISCO Flowlink Pro, or other software.

With ISCO cloud server, the Data can be viewed and managed from anywhere using internet with graphical data management Web User Interface. SMS/Email alerts can be generated based on preprogrammed thresholds to take corrective actions and avoid any breakdown.

While transmitting the data from the accQlink, the built in Global SIM card picks the strongest available cell signal, from the multiple available cell networks, ensuring maximum uptime. The yearly service includes cell phone charges, data hosting, and web user interface. The accQlink also offers communication options such as LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), Bluetooth, and Satellite.

  • Overflow monitoring (CSO and SSO)
  • I&I, cMOM, ad other collection system monitoring
  • Wet well monitoring in Pump stations
  • Stormwater runoff monitoring
  • Weather monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring