Inflow and Infiltration and Sewer Overflows

Inflow and Infiltration and Sewer Overflows

Let's talk about one of the Wastewater Operators' most significant concerns:
Inflow and Infiltration or INI. 

When INI goes undetected, not only can it cause sewer overflows in your community, it escalates costs eroding pipes, utility holes, and joints. Excessive amounts stress capacity, and you're left treating higher amounts of sewage water. It's challenging to identify the source until after the damage occurs. You're most likely experiencing higher than usual pipe rehabilitation or replacement costs, as well as significantly higher treatment costs. 

The good news is that there is a solution to detect and manage these seemingly random influx points with the power of an intelligent monitoring system by SmartCover

The typical way to address INI is by sending someone out and manually determining if and where INI may be occurring. This method is labor-intensive, expensive, and doesn't generate the data you need to pinpoint INI or the extent of the impact on your system. You are left fighting against the problem without the proper insights to back you up. SmartCover combines rain data gathered by SmartRain gauges giving you an accurate underground view of your INI problem. This data flows to your online SmartCover dashboard, where data analysis occurs. The INI impact tool runs analysis based on single or multiple rain events and ranks where the impact is highest or lowest. 

These insights compile into an easy-to-read report showing you your INI and the most critical sites, assisting you in prioritizing and scheduling pipe maintenance, assessing outcomes after repairs, and creating actual capital expenditure and operating and maintenance budgets. 

The SmartCover approach to fighting INI gives you the insights you need to take action based on where there's INI and how much impact it's having on your system. Implementing SmartCover means you can plan, make the proper repairs at the right time, and stay on budget.

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