Teledyne ISCO Water Samplers Assist in Coronavirus Tracking in Water Treatment Facilities

Coronavirus Tracking in Water Treatment Facilities

Reading the headlines today, you are seeing more and more municipalities testing their wastewater for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Viruses and bacteria excreted in urine and stool collect in public sewers. The use of sewage pathogen monitoring in wastewater treatment facilities as a public health surveillance tool is now a reality. Environmental microbiologists have studied pathogens in sewage for decades, but now because of COVID-19, public health surveillance efforts focussing on tracking virus levels is at an all time high. It is critical that expanded testing and monitoring continue, as this will certainly help in understanding how the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads and potentially affects community populations.

Water Samplers for Coronavirus Tracking in Water Treatment Facilities
Teledyne ISCO, the leading manufacturer of water / wastewater sampling and monitoring tools, is helping in this effort. Teledyne ISCO manufactures a complete line of robust and reliable portable and refrigerated samplers. Using this equipment as part of their overall Coronavirus strategy, municipalities have portable and refrigerated samplers ready for widespread collection and testing. These samplers can be used in any kind of environment or test situation. They are easy to use and program, and they have many configuration options.

With so little knowledge of the SARS-CoV-2 spread, this approach may be very important. The data accumulated from the implementation of large-scale sewer sampling and Coronavirus testing may provide the information needed to build dynamic virus spread maps and, ultimately, the ability to predict and prevent flare-ups.

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