High Accuracy, High Speed, Muti-drop Temperature Controllers with Universal Input

The Fuji Electric PFX Series of 1/4 DIN, 1/8 DIN, and 1/16 DIN temperature controllers provide precise control with very fast response times. The controller includes universal input (RTD, thermocouple, voltage/current), outputs include relay contact, SSR drive output, current output (linear), Voltage output (linear), motorized valve control output, analog re-transmission output (voltage), analog re-transmission output (current), heater burnout alarm output, operating days alarm, and alarm/event contact output (DO).  Control modes include On/Off control, PID control, fuzzy control, 2-degrees-of-freedom PID control, open-loop supported PID2 control, self tuning, ramp soak function, heating/cooling control, and motorized valve control.

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